Guinea Pig Series









Guinea Pigs, 16 x 22cm, 1990-1996 and occasionally revisited since.


Guinea Pigs are the difinitive experimental subject.

Painted on Sundays at home using ready-made canvases.

In group exhibitions, installed after the rest of the show has been hung, suggestive of a rodent infestation.

Some try to escape the confines of the rectangle.

Around forty or so were painted in several "litters" for group exhibitions, including Multiple Orgasm, Sick, and False Impressions in the mid 1990s.

Photographs of many were never taken or have been lost, and their whereabouts now remain mostly unclear. So, if you see one, or are careful owner, please get in touch and consider emailing a photograph of the majestic creature in its new habitat to add to this expanding survey. Photographic quality is not an issue. Personal information will not be published unless requested.

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